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NOVOSAX : Great composers for Mimmo



Recording project of premieres for soprano saxophone


The saxophone, being a modern instrument, has a very recent musical literature that covers all the 20th century, which includes all the new compositive languages and stimulates the composers’ creativity.

All the compositions included in the project show various expressive, technical and stylistic skills of the soprano saxophone. They sum up different musical languages, that vary from the typical classical style to the contemporary one, from the evocative music to the cinematographic one, following each composer’s specific characteristics.

The project was born thanks to the collaboration with some of the greatest contemporary Italian composers: Sergio Rendine, Ennio Morricone, Nicola Piovani and Luis Bacalov Oscar awards; the famous harpist Cecilia Chailly, the cellist Giovanni Sollima and the chamber music writers Marco Tutino, Marco Betta, Giovanni D’Aquila and the Opera writer Lorenzo Ferrero.

In this CD these great contemporary authors have written, just for the sax soloist Mimmo Malandra, compositions that will be performed for the very first time here.
Other excellent musicians took part in the realisation of this work: the saxophonist Gaetano Di Bacco who plays Marco Betta’s composition for two sax and piano, the Italian pianists Marco Ciccone, Marco Colacioppo and Emilia Di Pasquale. Precious and extraordinary is the organ  contribution of the Maestro Sergio Rendine.

In conclusion, this CD could be defined as unique. This production is born thanks to the trust and high regard felt by many musicians for the art of the soprano sax of  Mimmo Malandra.


Sterling Records

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